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gqmf_tx's Journal

GQMF Texas
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ONTD Star Trek Fans in Texas
Howdy, y'all!

Welcome to gqmf_tx. This comm is a place to talk Trek, make friends, and plan meet-ups for the films in the great state of Texas! Feel free to make a post at any time.

I. Joining
Make use of the code below when introducing yourself. We want to get to know you!

II. Bag and Tag
Please utilize tags when making a post. We're going to try and model the comm after our glorious and organized mothership, ontd_startrek. For instance, in a de-lurking/introduction post you should tag with "introduction". If you are both introducing yourself and scheduling a meet-up, tag with "introduction" and "meetup". When posting on a single character, tag thusly: full character name/full actor's name. Example: bruce greenwood/christopher pike.

*Just a friendly reminder to use discretion here on ontd_tx. When exchanging personal email/cell phone number/residency it might be best to PM the person(s) of interest. Hooray for privacy and safety!

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